Here is an easy recipe I make on weekends. The pepperoni rollas are very satisfying. Serve them alone, room temperature or warm, with marinara sauce, and or with a side salad. They are sure to please.

1/2 lb sandwich pepperoni
36 frozen dinner rolls, thawed (follow directions)
8-12 oz of shredded mozzerella cheese
seasoned salt
black pepper
italian seasonings

1. Let rolls thaw as package directs. Spray large cookie sheet and spray clear wrap with non stick cooking spray.

                                                    2. Cut sandwich pepperoni into quarters.

3. Flatten each roll and spread until about 4 inches in diameter.
4. Place pepperoni in center like this. Fill it as much as you like. I like to use 3/4 to 1 slice in each roll.

5. Bring up your sides to cover pepperoni.
                                             6. Once pepperoni is covered then pinch dough to seal.

   7. Mix olive oil, italian seasoning, salt, and pepper in narrow dish. Brush onto top of rolls prior to baking.

                                 8. Bake at 350 degrees F. until golden brown or 15-20 minutes.

Viola! Add a side salad and some pizza or marinara sauce to make a delicious and easy weeknd meal.