Keep your fingers crossed.

Keeping my fingers crossed that my newly modeled craft room will be done very soon. The ceiling tiles should be delivered tomorrow. The carpet is in but waiting until ceiling tiles are installed before laying it. In between the plumber should arrive sometime and finish up his end of things. I am getting restless without my crafting getaway.

Keep your fingers crossed form me.


Hello all, sorry so long since the last post. I have been busy with all that life has dealt. The kids have started softball again. I am working full to near full time for a while again. Construction to kitchen and basement. Spring cleaning, Spring Break.

4+ weeks ago my husband surprised me and started to remodel my craft room. For 6.5 years I have worked in a cold, unfinished basement with some complaints but otherwise, very happy to have my own large space. The project started off with a bang, it moved so quickly but, the last two weeks have moved slow. We are finally at the finishing stages this week. I have the ceiling tiles picked out (supposed to buy tonight), the carpet is ordered, the toilet, vanity, and sink are ready for the plumber to finish. 2/15 cabinets are put together:(

I hope that the craft room will be completely done by May 1st . keep your fingers crossed ladies, I have been without stamping for over 1 month and having big withdrawal symptoms. I am going crazy without stamping.

During all of this I decided to do a mini makeover in the kitchen (might as well, there was already construction/ dust throughout the house). I had tile placed on the back splash in the kitchen (since the basement restroom was being tiled). Knobs placed on my cabinets ( I have been wanting since we moved in 6.5 years ago),faux paint technique on the walls (glaze texture) and a new area rug under the table. I bought a hutch in the Fall.