Those of you that follow my blog have read in previous posts that I really enjoy PINTEREST website. I am on that site more than facebook these days. Its truly an ingenious website (wish I thought of it). Anyway I have come across hundreds of great ideas and wanted to share some Christmas ones with you.

Here are some ideas from PINTEREST for displaying Christmas cards:

Aren't they lovely ideas? In the past I have taped cards to walls, around doors, hung on wreath holder on entryway closet doors, put in basket, put in small metal sleigh, stuck in pine wreaths and various other things like that. This year I did something different- I made a paper chain and attached to chain with Holiday clothes pins. I needed something to dress up my bare windows. (We've lived in our house nearly 10 years and I have no ideas what to do with curtain situation in my front bay window. This was always a "temporary" thing but, its never been changed). Any ideas for the window space, please, let me know.

How do you display your Christmas cards? I would love to know or see your ideas. Feel free to comment and share a link. Thanks for stopping by today. have a great weekend.