As many of you that follow my blog know, I am a HUGE fan of HALLOWEEN. We are hosting a Costume party in the next week and I have been scrambling to make costumes, decorate, plan menus, and gather and wrap prizes. My husband and I decided to go with traditional masquerade type theme for our couple costume (well I kinda took charge and picked costumes since he likes to wait till last minute- I hate waiting until last minute for anything). He likes things a little more "scary" than me and doesn't always want to dress as a "couple".-Sorry, Mike. He is wearing a tuxedo top and cape with a Venetian Bull mask.  I am wearing a Renaissance/ Celtic maiden dress. I cannot decide which mask I will wear. I made 2 types. I am waiting for the last minute details for my costume to get here, so I can finish my costume and decide which mask will look best.

  Mask #1 was  plain black mask bought at local retail store and then altered. I bought and added many details including feathers (peacock, black, and pheasant), gold metallic paper swirls, rhinestones and gold pearls, glitter details and ribbons. I added SU! crinkle paper around the edges. After I attached the crinkle paper I thought a small black lace trim would have been good with the paper ruffle but, it was too late.

After looking at the mask a couple days,  I decided to add some more embellishments. I added a paper rosette with teal, black,and gold papers. I added some brass hardware in the center and decided to add a stick (handle) with ribbons. The mask functions without the stick (handle) or with the stick. I thought the handle gave it more authenticity.

Mask #2 was in the trash a couple times. My friend picked it up for me at local craft store It was bought for me to disassemble and use the feathers on the first mask (It was cheaper to buy this pre-made mask than to buy bundles of feathers). I added stickles, puffy paper paint to each sequin. I made one side of the mask black with white around the eyes and the other side is white with black around the eyes. I added pink around the edge. I added a hair clip (pre- assembled black and pink) then one feather plume (meant for pens). I cut out some  paper swirls and made a paper rosette. I am still trying to decide if I will add some silver crinkle paper around edges like the first mask. This one is definitely more modern that the other mask. Would look great with a formal black dress, but not the dress I bought. :(



I used to make tissue pom poms for all kinds of occasions when I was young. My mom taught me how to make these when I was about 8. We made them for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, Easter, etc... Back then we used Kleenex tissue mostly.

These are becoming popular again and I have seen them on many blogs. They look great hanging above a buffet table, on the table as centerpieces, tied to the bumper of a wedding car, the ideas are really endless.  I rounded the edges of the big black one and made the orange ones 1/2 the size and the edges jagged. I think the orange ones look like mums- don't they?

Here is a link on how to make them.
More ideas can be seen on Google. (I don't know how to link to Google). Just put in-
 How to make Tissue Pom Poms.



Here are my Halloween Cards this year. Loved these images from the minute I saw them. I had so much fun coloring them using Copics. Used SU! retired Halloween papers. Used MS edge punches. Added SU! punched bats or a plastic spider with some added MS glitter.

Be Wicked! Frank's bride...

Good Ol' Frank...

I want my Mummy!



I glued the flap (bottom) to the bag. This will keep goody bag from standing up. You can place candies, hair/ face products, baked goods inside the bag this way. It looks lovely filled,  laying on plate at a table setting.  

I attached misc orange papers to the bags in strips. I used black ink and stamped stitching to the strips. (This is my kind of sewing) ;0
I added more small strips (scraps) to tags, stamped more stitching, and trimmed the edges to fit the tag.

I love these cheap craft foam glitter stickers but for the look I was using on the bags these were a little to bright. I distressed the stickers with brown ink.

I inked mini clothes pins, distressed edges of tags and bags to achieve final look.
What do you think?



I have seen these jars on numerous blogs for weeks now. I love them! They are quite popular in the decorating world  but are also quite expensive. After some investigating I decided to make some. I love how easy they are to make.
I bought the pieces at a local craft store and painted all the raw wood with black craft acrylic paint.

Acrylic paint is perfect for painting wood. It covers nicely and dries fairly fast. I did not spray with protective covering. I figure if it gets bumped, scratched, or nicked it would add character.

I attached the ball knobs and wood bases to the glass with a glue called E6000. Great stuff!
Use in a ventilated area. It does have strong fumes for a glue.

I bought some cheap rubber spiders that already were painted green on their bodies. I just added some fine green glitter to add some dazzle.

I attached these spooky spiders to the base of the stand. They look perfect! I tied black lace, black ribbon, and some multi color (fall colored) fibers to the bottom of the glass and at the base. I am pleased with how the apothecary jars turned out.I made 3 tall (featured here) and I made 3 shorter.  I have given one to a good friend (filled with chocolates) and I have plans to give a couple more away.
Here are some links to some more cute apothecary jar ideas:



Well, October is here and boy does it feel lke it. Its in the 40s, rainy, and gray. I love Fall but I am not fond of the dampness that comes along with the cool weather. I plan on starting my Fall decorating around the house sometime today.  Halloween is my very favorite Holiday and I have sooo many  cool things to decorate with. I have been playing around in my craft room (wow is it a messy place right now) and making some more spooktacular things.
Yesterday was my 16th wedding anniversary and my husband surprised me with the most adorable handcrafted Haunted House. It is made by a local artist Mike Peterson. We have admired this artist's work for many years at a local art festival ( The Yankee Peddler) held near our house every September. My husband special ordered this piece to include characters (husband, me, and our 2 daughters), and our Name and interests.
Here is a front view of the house.  
Here's a closeup of the same view. That is me standing in the doorway. Hahahaha. My girls thought that was the funniest thing.
here is a rear view of the house.

That is my husband sitting on the back porch, yes, that is a can of beer in his hand. The artist added a fish to the top of the porch (my husband likes to fish).

here is a side view of the house. If you look closely you can see the artist added my girls here. Both have softball bats in their hands. Hahahahaha