As many of you that follow my blog know, I am a HUGE fan of HALLOWEEN. We are hosting a Costume party in the next week and I have been scrambling to make costumes, decorate, plan menus, and gather and wrap prizes. My husband and I decided to go with traditional masquerade type theme for our couple costume (well I kinda took charge and picked costumes since he likes to wait till last minute- I hate waiting until last minute for anything). He likes things a little more "scary" than me and doesn't always want to dress as a "couple".-Sorry, Mike. He is wearing a tuxedo top and cape with a Venetian Bull mask.  I am wearing a Renaissance/ Celtic maiden dress. I cannot decide which mask I will wear. I made 2 types. I am waiting for the last minute details for my costume to get here, so I can finish my costume and decide which mask will look best.

  Mask #1 was  plain black mask bought at local retail store and then altered. I bought and added many details including feathers (peacock, black, and pheasant), gold metallic paper swirls, rhinestones and gold pearls, glitter details and ribbons. I added SU! crinkle paper around the edges. After I attached the crinkle paper I thought a small black lace trim would have been good with the paper ruffle but, it was too late.

After looking at the mask a couple days,  I decided to add some more embellishments. I added a paper rosette with teal, black,and gold papers. I added some brass hardware in the center and decided to add a stick (handle) with ribbons. The mask functions without the stick (handle) or with the stick. I thought the handle gave it more authenticity.

Mask #2 was in the trash a couple times. My friend picked it up for me at local craft store It was bought for me to disassemble and use the feathers on the first mask (It was cheaper to buy this pre-made mask than to buy bundles of feathers). I added stickles, puffy paper paint to each sequin. I made one side of the mask black with white around the eyes and the other side is white with black around the eyes. I added pink around the edge. I added a hair clip (pre- assembled black and pink) then one feather plume (meant for pens). I cut out some  paper swirls and made a paper rosette. I am still trying to decide if I will add some silver crinkle paper around edges like the first mask. This one is definitely more modern that the other mask. Would look great with a formal black dress, but not the dress I bought. :(

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