Michael Symon

My youngest daughter and I drove 45 minutes to a store grand opening just to see Michael Symon. We love him! I adore his personality and his laugh. He's seems so down to earth and everything he cooks looks awesome. He is so interesting to watch when cooking on Iron Chef or The Chew.  I just bought his new cookbook but was unable to get my book signed at the store. Oh well, maybe another time. 



I try to make a new recipe 1 time each week. I came across this recipe from  browsing on Pinterest.  I am very addicted to Pinterest. I am on that site 1-4 times daily (maybe more).   This is an  easy Paula Dean recipe that really is yummy.  I used a pre-made pizza crust ( the original recipe uses fresh pizza dough/ crust). 
 Mix 1 C of marinara sauce from a jar with 1/2 C sour cream and fresh chopped herbs. Spread onto pizza crust. Cut the large  raw Scallops into quarters. Placed randomly around the pizza and then sprinkle crumbled cooked bacon and Italian shredded cheeses. Bake at 350 F for 20 minutes or until Scallops are completely cooked. I served with fresh salad (all from my garden) and some white wine. A perfect light summer dinner. 


Chic Baby Gift Ensemble

I found these adorable 3D stickers on clearance at a local craft store and thought they were adorable. I just love the fabric, her hat and belly. The purse is great too. Doesn't this card and colors look great with the black and white patterned wrapping paper? I love that its not your everyday baby shower wrapping paper. Notice the cupcake box on top right? I wrapped some coordinating paper around the cupcake box and left the top window open. See onesie cupcakes in previous post. 



I folded and rolled four 0-3 months onesies and placed in large cupcake papers. I tied each cupcake with a coordinating ribbon and placed a small red pom pom (cherry) on top. I found the cupcake box at Walmart for under $4 for 3. 
I got the idea from Pinterest. 
Here is a close up. I think they turned out adorable! Super cute, Super affordable, and Super easy. 



In May, I went on a little road trip with some girlfriends and my mother in law. We had a great time and did some major shopping. The highlight of my trip (besides the delicious Sangria at dinner one night) was to see T!m Holtz in action. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him! I enjoy talking to him and watching him demo many awesome techniques. I can watch him for hours (and I did). This is my third time that I have had the pleasure of meeting him. He is truly an amazing artist and person. 


Easy Polka Dot Cake Plates

Bought these cheap blue plates and glass candle holders  for a dollar at our local Dollar Store. 
Used E6000 adhesive to glue together. Allowed to dry 24 hours.

Used white circle label stickers to add polka dots. 

Here they are finished. I used these on the dessert table at my daughter' s Graduation Party. The stickers came off easily when the plates were washed.  I loved the way they coordinated with all the other polka dot decor. This craft was so affordable and easy. It cost $6 for everything. 



I've really slacked with posting to the blog this summer. Been so busy helping my husband recovery from knee replacement; dealing with puppy mischief and destruction; and softball. My oldest daughter graduated from high school in May and these are photos from her party. I really enjoy doing parties and planning events. I would love to do this on the side along with my 'real' job. The candy bar (above) was a huge hit. I shopped for various clear vases, jars, and bowls at various discount stores. I shopped for blue and white candies for weeks. This was the most difficult part. The shelf was re painted (it used to be hunter green) to match other furniture in my kitchen. I've had this shelf for many years. It folds up and stores easily. It fits perfectly on this small angled wall in my kitchen. I love using it. 

I made the cake topper using  decorative papers, paper plates, crepe papers, stickers, silk flowers, and jewels. The cake measured 7" and 9" circles. They fit perfectly on my 13" cake platter. 

I decorated my kitchen hutch with Senior pictures, various awards, various sports trophies, scrapbooks, banner, and multiple vases of flowers. It was a perfect back drop for the dessert table. 

I hung various lanterns, tissue flowers, crepe streamers, and balloons from the main light above the island in my kitchen. I have done this for various parties and events. I love the way it looks. We served meatballs, rigatoni, antipasto salad, and various fresh breads along with dipping oils. 

we used the tent and our two level deck to house all the people. The weather held off and everything turned out great. 
I made a 13 x 13" frame using the various blue and white printed papers and one of my very favorite photos of my daughter. This sat on the gift table. 

I made the card box by covering a box with blue and white dot wrapping paper the slot opening is on top. The monogram center design is similar to the cake topper. 

I bought various white flowers and arranged in my favorite milk glass vases. I scattered them around on the gift table, food tables, kitchen hutch, and outside tables. 

I found this tall hand blown vase on clearance for $5.50 and knew I wanted this to be on the dessert table.I added a crepe paper rosette and a monogram to make it look more unique. I arranged various flowers to coordinate with the decor. Love the blue and white asters.  
this is another view of the indoor decorations. 

I bought cheap blue plastic ice buckets at a Dollar store and planted various blue/ white flowers in them. Then I  hot glue various matted pictures of my daughter through the years on skewers and placed 3-5 in each container. I used these as center pieces on all the outdoor tables under the tent and on the deck. It was an easy and unique added touch.