I try to make a new recipe 1 time each week. I came across this recipe from  browsing on Pinterest.  I am very addicted to Pinterest. I am on that site 1-4 times daily (maybe more).   This is an  easy Paula Dean recipe that really is yummy.  I used a pre-made pizza crust ( the original recipe uses fresh pizza dough/ crust). 
 Mix 1 C of marinara sauce from a jar with 1/2 C sour cream and fresh chopped herbs. Spread onto pizza crust. Cut the large  raw Scallops into quarters. Placed randomly around the pizza and then sprinkle crumbled cooked bacon and Italian shredded cheeses. Bake at 350 F for 20 minutes or until Scallops are completely cooked. I served with fresh salad (all from my garden) and some white wine. A perfect light summer dinner. 

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