I have seen these jars on numerous blogs for weeks now. I love them! They are quite popular in the decorating world  but are also quite expensive. After some investigating I decided to make some. I love how easy they are to make.
I bought the pieces at a local craft store and painted all the raw wood with black craft acrylic paint.

Acrylic paint is perfect for painting wood. It covers nicely and dries fairly fast. I did not spray with protective covering. I figure if it gets bumped, scratched, or nicked it would add character.

I attached the ball knobs and wood bases to the glass with a glue called E6000. Great stuff!
Use in a ventilated area. It does have strong fumes for a glue.

I bought some cheap rubber spiders that already were painted green on their bodies. I just added some fine green glitter to add some dazzle.

I attached these spooky spiders to the base of the stand. They look perfect! I tied black lace, black ribbon, and some multi color (fall colored) fibers to the bottom of the glass and at the base. I am pleased with how the apothecary jars turned out.I made 3 tall (featured here) and I made 3 shorter.  I have given one to a good friend (filled with chocolates) and I have plans to give a couple more away.
Here are some links to some more cute apothecary jar ideas:

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Velody said...

I LUV How yours came out. As of yet they are the cutest I've seen. I'm still trying to get the pieces together for mine and yours have definitely got me thinking more. Also thank you for the link back. :)