Giant Pumpkin Cookies

I did some baking today-YUM!

1 box of Spice cake Mix
1 can pumpkin (standard size, not large)
1 egg
1 can cream cheese frosting
Mix all together, use large cookie/ muffin dropper and drop onto greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees F for 10-12 minutes until center is firm. Cool on rack and frost. Makes 18-20 large delicious cookies.

I learned this recipe Thursday morning on a local news channel and knew I had to try it sometime this weekend. I love to bake but not always from scratch- after all, I need some time to stamp. Got to love the 3-4 ingredient recipes.

I have been trying to cook 2-3 meals every Sunday so they can be heated throughout the week or frozen and cooked at a later date. So far so good... In the past few weeks I've made baked potatoe soup, seafood lasagna, regular lasagna, stuffed peppers, calzones, pepperoni rolls, enchilada casserole, chicken parmesan,sloppy joes, cake, cookies, rice krispy treats, chocolate covered pretzels, and pizza. This has been so helpful after work. Meals get cooked or reheated in time for everyone to make it to the after school activities. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week. Email me if you have questions about my products or my easy recipes.

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Crystal said...

YUMMY Denise these look yummmmyyyy!!!! Did you save me some???