Hello bloggers, I'm still here... just not been stamping/ crafting lately. We've had some very unfortunate events happen this week and I have not had time, energy, nor a desire to craft. I know the MOJO will return sometime.
My aunt (mother's sister) passed away on Monday after a illness caused by a bacteria (difficult to treat) passed to her while in a hospital. I've heard about these type of cases/ situations on TV or through community events but never thought this type thing would happen to smoeone in my family. She was a very kind, loving, adventurous woman whose life was cut short and it is true when they say "only the good die young". I will truly miss her. The whole family will miss her.

We have received our 2nd "bizzard-like" storm of the winter season last night after the funeral. I would guess that we have more than 12 inches and they are expecting more storms on Monday and Tuesday. I am truly thankful that my neighbor was able to help "dig us out" today. My poor 14 year old lab, the snow is up to her nose, and she is having a hard time walking in it. Thank goodness I have a JEEP and I was able to get to the store for milk, bread, soda, eggs, etc before the next batch comes in. We may be snowed in for a couple days.

My husband (electrician) was called out to Virginia to assist the people with power line difficulties. He was stranded by himself on I76 for 8+ hours last night. There were accidents and the highway was closed for many hours. They refused to let people continue to drive until late this morning. He finally was allowed to move around 11:00am. I hope and pray he gets to his destination in one piece and gets some desperately needed sleep before going on to his final destination (somewhere near Baltimore). Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Ok, Im off to check on my girls and see if the laundry is ready to switch. Have a great weekend and try to stay warm.

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