We made these paper pumpkins last Saturday at my last Stamp Club meeting. (A similar but smaller pumpkin is shown on page 27 in the Idea Book and Catalog).  I used misc. fall themed papers, large paper connectors (brads), craft wire, tulle,  and paper leaf cut outs. Absolutely "NO STAMPING" on these. The really are simple to make, I made all these (pictured above) with the leftovers not used at the workshop (I cut way too many). Thicker paper and cardstock work better than one sided paper. You can stuff these with crumbled tissue paper to help keep its shape. Everyone individualized theirs with color choices, leaf choises, and tags.

Use 9-15 2x12 inch strips of cardstock and/ or designer papers. Lay the strips in design order (A-B-C pattern works great). Punch both ends 1/4 inch from ends and centered with CROPODILE #108362. Place brad in one end to hold pieces together. Flip strips over (white side or non dominant side face up). Take first strip on top and start turning into round shape, add brad. Move in sequence around, taking the next strip then the next until all up, and attached with brad. Fasten brad. take 6 inch piece of craft wire and wrap one time around brad head on top. Punch some leaves or tags and thread onto wire. Curl wire ends using stylus or dowel (curling the wire will hold your tags and leaves on but also add dimension and detail). Spread the strips out evenly and form to look like pumpkin. See pictures.
 Here are some close- up pictures of a couple pumpkins. You can see the leaf, wire, and tag details. The one on the left is using one (busy) pattern paper with a contemporary style- clean/ simple. The pumpkin on the right is more country/ shabby style. Scroll back to first picture and you will see a couple pumpkins done with non traditional fall colors. They are done with blue, green, brown, white. I also made a Halloween style- candy corn, white tulle and black ribbon and lace.

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Rose said...

I love your pumpkins! So fun and festive!!