Patriotic Rockets

Hope you all had a great Holiday. The 4th of July is one of my favorite Holidays. I love patriotic decorations, seeing flags throughout landscapes, family picnics. Most of all I love what it stands for FREEDOM! This country is such an amazing place to live. Everyone should be very thankful each and every day.

I made these adorable rockets from toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I stumbled upon these adorable rockets while reading one of my favorite blogs http://tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com/2011/06/red-hots-and-blue-fourth-of-july-rocket.html. After seeing  the first sample I did further search and found other ways to make these rockets. Martha Stewart http://www.marthastewart.com/photogallery/patriotic-crafts has a great tutorial and how to make them into party poppers/ favors. Here's how I  made them.

empty paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls
strips of designer papers
(11x12" for towel, 4x8" for TP roll)
circle cutter
firm hold adhesive
glue gun
ribbon 15 inches in 3 patterns/ colors

Wrap each tube with decorative paper of your choice. Apply tape strip to both ends and in 2 places within center. I reinforced tape at end with hot glue.

Cut 3.25" circles out of various designer papers. This will be used for the coned top of the rocket.

Cut a straight line 1/2 diameter of the 3.25" circle as shown in picture above.

Bring ends together overlapping until the paper forms cone shape. Use hot glue to hold together.

make 3-4 loops into each strip of ribbon. This will be used for flames at bottom of the rocket.

Adhere all loops together with hot glue. Hold together until set and attach 3 various looped ribbon pieces to bottom of rocket.

I used to make my accordian flowerette by hand but I came across this fabulous one that runs through my die cutting machine. I use this for all my small flowerettes. The diecut makes it so much easier.
If you make by hand- cut 1.5 x 12" strip. Score at each 1/4" increments, accordion fold, glue ends together, apply hot glue to 1 " circle and press center down to form flowerette. Hold until glue sets.

Wrap ribbon around bottom of rocket for further decoration. Add circle sticker, stamped image, or stamped verse to center of flowerette.

Here is a photo of various styles I made. I think they turned out super cute.

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