Wow... cake stands are so popular! You can find them everywhere! In stores, on the Internet, in craft and home decor magazines and even in the grocery store. I love, love, love them. There are many styles and sizes. And... even better... they can be really simple and inexpensive to make. They make great gifts, look great on dinner or dessert buffets, and also look great in your guest restroom holding towels or soaps. They really are my new favorite craft and gift to give.
Here are a couple of my favorite cake stands that I 've come across through Internet browsing:

stenciled  wood plaque cake stand

Colorful recycled object cake stands

Painted recycled glassware cake stands

cut wood cake stand

Blue plywood and dollhouse trim cake stand

Now here is a quick tutorial on how to make a couple kinds of cake stands for under $5:
E6000 adhesive
1 plate (used, new)
1 candlestick (used, new)

I found these glass plates and candle holders at THE DOLLAR TREE each piece for $1. 
 Here is how to make one:
Wash, remove all stickers or price tags,  and dry both glass pieces. Turn plate upside down and find center. Add adhesive (E6000) to top of candlestick edge and place to center of bottom of plate. Add weight to base and let set for 4+ hrs. VIOLA!

 I added swirl design to the second cake stand using silver and gold Sharpie markers on the underside of the plate and candle stick base. You can put in oven at 200- 250 degrees F for 2 hrs for marker to set permanently. Its recommended to do outside or underside so the cake stand is food safe. You could take things a little further and spray paint the clear glass candle stick to coordinate with the top plate.  Only paint areas that will not touch food. Spray paint is not food safe. Hand washing your cake stand is highly recommended.

As I mentioned before, I love to make these! I think they look great to serve  cake, muffins, cupcakes, etc on. You can make them various heights, colors to use on the same buffet. I love the mixture of bright summer colors. Since they are so cheap to make you can make many colors to match various decor, dishes, or Holiday decor. We are getting ready for a few birthday parties in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to see how I use them.

Ok, here is another kind that I made. The one  in the photos uses a luncheon/ salad plate and a bowl. I found these at BIG LOTS  for $2 each. Using the E6000 adhesive, I  attached the bowl to the bottom of the plate and let set 4+ hrs. You could alter this design and use a large plate or a platter on a bowl base. I made a ton of these for Christmas gifts. I made  bead and wire wrapped spreaders or serving flateware to use with the pedestal stand. Everyone loved it!

Here is a salad bowl set I made for my mom. I found this awesome bamboo salad bowl at Target. I bought some simple serving ware and wrapped with coordinating wood and natural stone beads. The bowl is mounted on short silver colored base. The possibilities are endless! Jump on the cake stand/ pedestal Bandwagon like I did. Its quick, simple, and fun.


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