Washi Tape Crazy

OK, when it comes to paper crafting I show serious signs of addiction. LOL. I used to consider myself a "paper freak", then I couldn't get enough brads, buttons, ribbons, stamps. My husband referred to me as a "stampoholic". Now, its that darn Washi tape. I LOVE IT!!!!!! Its so fun and easy to use. I love tapes of all kinds... fabric, paper, washi, decorative scotch, duct, and packing. Their are great patterns and style options available these days.

I found a bunch of self adhesive glitter craft tape discounted at a local craft/ fabric store for  less than $2.  
I found that MS is selling 'paper tape' now. For those of you that are a fan or that watch her shows or read her magazine would know that she has used Washi tape for years.  

When I placed my original order for washi tape 2 years ago through Happy Tape I bought a pricey tape holder made of wood with a saw tooth edge. Its a great holder but only holds 8-10 rolls of tape. :(

For a while I just stored a few rolls in a shoebox but now I have way too many to store in one box. I found these awesome ribbon boxes clearanced for $3 at the same local craft/ fabric store and "Ta- da" Washi organization. I wish I would have bought more not just the two. I still have a box full of tapes left. Shhhh! don't tell anyone.
Is anyone else addicted too? What are you addicted to?

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