Not much stamping going on here. I baked last Friday (brownies), my girls love when I bake. I have done  some craft supply shopping but, have not done any stamping. I did find time to put together 4 small (6x6) memory books for a few friends I work with . One of the main classrooms I work in is losing the main teacher and both paraprofessionals. The teacher is moving to FL and the others are moving to other buildings/ classrooms. I decided to make a small book to remind them of all the fun we had together (with the kiddos). I put various pictures of each student in the book and decorated them all very similar. Once all the photos were cut, they went together fairly quickly. I cannot post photos of the books secondary to confidentiality. I will give them to the ladies in a couple weeks or when all get together for SUSHI sometime in the next week or so.

I was able to fit in some more small gardening tasks on Sunday. All the sod is lifted and ready for good topsoil and to plant the foliage that I bought last week at a local nursery. I cannot wait to get that project done. The grass has started growing (seed was planted a couple weeks agao when the 20 trees were planted). My Lilac trees are really very pretty this Spring. Friday they had a sworm of butterflies all over them. I was so pleasantly surprised. They smell som wonderful too.

Both my girls are still playing softball this season. That absorbs so much of my time both evenings and weekends. Not to mention that my husband has been working out of town. Its so hard to keep up with everything. I don't know how some (single) women do it. My oldest daughter's JV (HS) team won first place the county tournament this past weekend. She hit back to back home runs (5 runs batted in) in the final tournament game. This was her first over- the- fence home run "ever" and it was so exciting. I am so proud. I know it couldn't have come at a better time. The girls all did well. It was an exciting good time.

Well, I guess I have run on a bit. It is getting late and have some things to do. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

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