Well, my summer has officially ended.  I return to work tomorrow.  :(   This summer just "flew by". The majority of the summer was consumed with softball, baking, cooking, canning, and freezing. I worked a secondary job a couple days a week from June through beginning of August (just to keep me busy- with extra income).

Now I am  planning a big camping trip in a few weeks.I did some grocery shopping and started planning our campfire meals. If anyone knows any good fire/coal cooking recipes please email or let me know. I'm always looking for some new ones. My girls love to use pie irons. We take a ton of bread to make pies, pizzas, etc...

 I have done very little stamping this summer (I have done enough purchasing but not put anything to use). I have made a few gifts, tags, projects, but not as much as I expected I would once summer began.  

I have joined FACEBOOK and got in contact with many people whom I have not spoke to in years.  I swore I would not take the plunge but, I did. I am enjoying it- although, I am not playing any games.

I am hosting a make-n-take workshop this weekend and have most everything prepped. Hope things go well- this will be my first workshop since the new catalog has been released. I have some other workshops in the works but wan tto run some ideas by my attendees.
Ok, it is getting late and I need to get some sleep. Enough rambling. I just wanted to touch base and let the few followers I have know that I'm still here. Just not had much stamping MOJO.
Enjoy the rest of the week.

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