As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been doing some organizing throughout the house. Last week I decided to tackle the kitchen. I cleaned drawers, cupboards, pantry, closets,  a hutch, above cupboards and inside of the oven. yeah!!!!
Here is a photo showing the "junk drawer" (next to the kitchen phone). I found this drawer organizer at a thrift store ($1.50). You can find plastic drawer organizers like this at TARGET for under $8.00. It is perfect for holding papers, tape rolls, pens/ pencils, scissors, etc...  There is nothing worse than trying to take a message and not being able to find paper and/ or something to write with. With this organizer everything is visible, at your fingertips and accessible.

We replaced a set of knives a while back but did not purchase a knife block to store them in. Personally, I do not like storing knives in a block- they get very dusty and sometimes get food or debris splashed on them from mixing, boiling, preparing at the counter. I found this fabulous knife storage container that adjusts to fit various sized drawers at TARGET. How perfect? Now I don't have to worry about anyone cutting themselves while reaching in the drawer.  Especially now that my kids do dishes.
Here is a photo of the drawer containing measuring cups, spoons, straws, fresh clips, coffee scoops, etc... I found this drawer divider at IKEA for under $3.00.  LOVE IT! Use this type of divider in many drawers throughout my house especially within my craft room (scroll down to bottom of my blog to see more photos).

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Denise said...

I nominate you to help me pack when I move - you are so organized!