Mission Organization- Part 3

I have been cleaning, organizing, somewhat simplifying (my life is never simplified completely) around the house. As I mentioned in a previous post, I tackled my kitchen over my Spring Break Holiday. It took me 2 solid days of cleaning, scrubbing, organizing, donating. I am fortunate to have a walk in pantry in my fairly large country kitchen.
 Here are a couple pictures of my walk in pantry BEFORE I cleaned and organized.
I had similar things in my drawers, cabinets, and pantry. Although it was accessible, it was not organized. I have collected recipes and cookbooks for years. I had them in 3 different places. Now, I have the ones I kept (yes, I did get rid of some) all in one spot. I have organized like things, labeled containers, and used up all the space. I am happy with how things have turned out.
Here are pictures of the pantry AFTER I organized.
I invested in some coated wire shelving to add to my wood shelfs in the cupboards and pantry to add more space for dishes and canned goods. I bought lazy Susan (not pictured) and placed in corners of shelves  where they overlapped. These work great for oils, sauces, bottled items, ketchup, dressings, etc...

 I bought some hanging coated wire shelf drawers on the top of one shelf for popcorn packets and Jello packets. Vertical storage for the plates, platters, and large dishes I use for buffets and parties.

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Vicki C said...

Great job! Love me some organization!!