Its starting to look LOVELY around here. I did some Valentine crafting and decorating today.  I love to decorate the hutch in my kitchen for every holiday.  I use a set of red dishes with white snowflakes from December through February and mix in a couple mis- matched pink and white dishes. It is still a work in progress. I am trying to find something to put in the glass apothecary jars (bottom left) and I am going to make some cute Valentine favors with the striped straws (bottom near middle). Stay tuned...
I use  this galvanized canister filled with snowy berries and spiral twigs for Christmas. I added pink hearts to give it more of a Valentine feel.

This wreath with glass hurricane is one of my favorite (all time) decorations. I add extra berries, pearls, lights, and valentine hearts to give it a different look than at Christmas. It sits on a small side board in my entrance way. I just love it.

I love these vanilla scented  flame less candles. Not only are they battery operated, they are on a timer too.  I got the first one for a gift a couple years ago and  the same friend has got me one for  my birthday and this past Christmas. I just love them. I think I need to tie a red and pink bow around them. What do you think?

I simply added a glitter heart and some hearts picks in the greenery on my old sled. This sits on my front porch through February.
Stay tuned to see my Valentine favors, and wreath.

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