Homemade macaroni and cheese using scalloped pie dish

A  few years ago my MIL bought me a set of Temptations bakeware that came with lids and metal racks. Ever since then, I have been hooked. I have slowly got rid of my pyrex, Longaberger, and other various bakeware and replaced with all Temptations. I also have replaced my dishes, coffee mugs, and have added coordinating some serving trays, wine carats, and etc... Everything looks great  together and dine railways looks fabulous. You can purchase Temptations direct or on QVC. It comes in several styles and colors. All just as lovely as the next. 

Homemade 5 cheese lasagna using deep dish 9" x 13" baker. Garlic bread baked on glass lid to 9" x 13" baker. Salad served form pasta bowl. 

Fruit, cheese, hummus, snacks served from various trays, plates, and bowls all in coordinating Old World Green pattern. 
A glimpse into my cupboard. I love how everything stacks and looks so neat. 

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TeAnna Morton-Sillas said...

I'm jealous of your cupboard! I just started my collection with the new pumpkin patch collection, and can't wait to build it up. Fortunately, my husband supports anything that has to do with my cooking. Lol