I came across these lovely boxes that I had saved  for a couple years while cleaning off some shelves in my basement. I forgot about them. The boxes are very sturdy and once held a gift set of my favorite bath and body products. I thought they were the perfect size to store stuff and that the ribbon closure was unique and decorative. So while leaning things out, and trying to get some things rearranged and organized I thought I would alter these and put them to use.


I measured each side of the box and cut paper 1/4" less on each edge- top, sides, bottom, and inside. I used a glossy top paper from a 12"x 24" tablet I found at a local craft store. I LOVE everything about this paper! Its glossiness, size, patterns are perfect!

I used a floral #121812 FUN FLOWERS Bigz L Die from SU!/ Sizzix to cut out my flowers from felt. I cut one flower up into pieces to make the leaf.  I used some coordinating fabric scraps and cut circles and sewed them into yoyos.
I layered each pieces and assembled with hot glue. I glued a decorative brad, and glued the entire flower onto a paper doily onto the top left corner of the box.
This one wildly matches the colors/ decor in my living room. I plan on using it in there. Not sure for what...yet. I am using the grey one (bottom box in first picture above) in my bedroom. I am storing my large/ bulky bracelets in it.  I am doing some minimal changes in my room  and  this matches the decor (grey and navy).

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